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  • Crystal Xpert Large (1200ml)

Crystal Xpert Cleans:

Mosaic Floor 

Marble Floor 

Tiles Floor

wooden Floor 

kill Germs 

Remove Stains

Crystal Xpert – kills all sickness causing germs

In every age, and across every culture, women have aspired to make their homes a safe haven for their families. Not just a clean home but a healthy home. In her role as champion of the home; the home is her domain and therefore under her protection. Protection against the unclean and here she could really do with some help. Help to be safe from the unseen danger of germs and bad bacteria.

The germ threat!

Germs bring sickness and disease into the home. They sit on surfaces, they hide in corners and cracks –– they lie in wait. Germs among other places also originate from the toilet and threaten the health of the family, and cause diseases such as cholera, diarrhea and typhoid.

Germs cannot be seen. They are as likely to be there on a spotless surface as in some damp and dirty place. Just because it looks clean doesn’t mean it is clean – not hygienically clean. Upon flushing, germs actually escape from the toilet bowl and travel up to 3-4 feet to land on toothbrushes, towels and other surfaces. Germs breed fast. A couple of germs can become a million in a just a few hours. So germs are an unseen, rapidly breeding danger.

Crystal Xpert Large (1200ml)

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